Ravintola NJK ulkoa

Restaurant NJK history

Restaurant NJK history | The rules of Yacht Club NJK (Nylandska Jaktklubben) were codified on 4th March 1861 in the official presentation of Czar Alexander the Second. At the same time the club received its first flag. The current NJK flag is the fourth in counting. NJK moved to Valkosaari island in 1885 and the first club building was finished by the end of that same year.

The beautiful white NJK villa, still standing today, was designed by architects Estlander and Zettergren and inaugurated on 31 August 1900. The traditional style of the building has been carefully preserved over the years. Inside the walls of the villa, numerous friendship flags from yachting clubs around the world are displayed. Additionally, a large collection of half-model boats on display showcases the club’s long yachting traditions.

The official language of the club is Swedish. There are some 2300 members and approximately 700 registered boats. These days, Valkosaari island is also an official boat harbour of the city of Helsinki. According to harbour records, Valkosaari is annually visited by some 550 guest boats.

NJK has for decades served both the club membership as well as the general public drawn in by its many restaurant-keepers. Current restaurateur took over in 1989.
The restaurant always strives to combine the marine culinary tradition of the Nordic countries with contemporary gastronomy – in a spectacular and historical setting.

Link to yacht club’s page www.njk.fi